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This program is amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to publish a Kindle book - beginner or advanced - this will make the task much less daunting and your final product will be a beautifully presented e-book that looks great on any kindle.

You can see exactly what your book will look like as you go along and the template and HTML codes are very easy to understand. Also, if you need any assistance throughout the process, Fred Harding is just an e-mail and very quick response away.

As a first-time author, this program made the daunting task of publishing a cinch - it takes you through the entire process from beginning to end and the support is fantastic!
- Joy Farmer, (13th November, 2017)

KindleWriter 2 is one of the very best preparation tools especially created by Fred Harding at Tekline Publishing. It's got all the most helpful features for anyone who's chosen to self-publish, and more! Whether you're a newbie or fairly experienced,

KindleWriter 2 is just so easy to use - it's practically foolproof. I highly recommend it, and bigtime thanks to Fred! [Did I mention his generous after-sales support? I did now!]
- Beth Porter, (19th October, 2017)

I cannot recommend Kindlewriter2 too highly, - nor Fred Harding, the man who created the program. I hadn’t a clue about the intricacies of html, but I needn’t have worried as Fred presented it in such a way that it was simply a case of following the toolbar letter codes to set the beginning and ending of paragraphs, page breaks, adding lines, etc and, much to my surprise, this was the part of compiling the book that I enjoyed most.

It wasn’t all easy sailing as I had one or two glitches in my PC that caused me some trouble but Fred was absolutely marvellous in helping me to overcome them – always prompt, courteous and efficient – and showing me that it was the PC at fault and not the fool-proof software. He helped me in many ways and I am delighted with the finished result .

If you feel you’ve got a book in you, then go ahead and buy Kindlwriter2 – and enjoy getting that book published.
- Alan Sinclair, (18th January, 2017)

GENIUS! In a word, that's my take on KindleWriter 2. I had previously bought and tried two other programs that said they would make it child's play to create a Kindle book. WRONG! The first one had no support to speak of. The second one was too complex, and believe me I spent many hours trying to master it. Then I discovered KW2 and within the 30-day trial period I was muttering words like BRILLIANT!

I had a complex book to put together involving multiple chapters and many images. I applied myself to following your example files, checked out the on-line tutorials, and even emailed you for assistance a couple of times - and got feedback within minutes (not days or not at all as with others).

It's a niche market book, and because of its length and complexity, including text, images and a Table of Contents, it did take a while to go through several revisions and finally get a finished product. But I could not have done it at all without the many modules, templates, help-files and documents, on-line tutorials and personal assistance you offer. Future books will be an absolute breeze!
- Michael Knight, (2nd November, 2016)

By the time I completed the first draft of my series of twenty-five short stories that I linked to make a novel, I was searching for various sources to publish the final work as both a paperback and an e-book.

My research led me to the conclusion that self-publishing would help me reach my goal much faster. Assembly a paperback version would not be a problem as I had published an international e-journal for five years using In-Design. But what was a challenge was finding a way to publish the work as an e-book.

I was fortunate to come across Fred Harding’s KindleWriter2 on the Internet. After I tried to use his software package on my own, I had difficulties, not because of the program but because I was unfamiliar with HTML. I sent Fred an email about my problem and he promptly replied. During the whole process, Fred was willing, even eager, to assist me in completing my project.

Without Fred’s program, his patience, help, and availability through e-mail, I would not have been able to publish an e-book version of my novel, Tales of Slavonic Souls: The Immigrants.
- Stanley Kajs, (5th October, 2016)

Once I became accustomed to how the Kindle Writer Cover Designer works, which actually is quite easy and user-friendly, I had fun designing my covers. It’s one of my favorite parts to this process.

Having creative freedom within a straightforward configuration enables me to obtain the design and look that I want with ease. I used photos and/or art from stock photo sites as the background, and then I built on from there using my favorite fonts (sometimes with shadowing and color) and paid attention to the positioning of words and spacing, all of which reflects my work and personal tastes.

I also found the PDF/manual, Kindle Writer Simplified, extremely beneficial, especially in the beginning. Many thanks for this great software!
- Tessa Stockton, (15th March, 2016)

I had given up hope of getting anything out there and published through the usual (costly) channels. I just continued writing because I enjoy it. My son and his wife, having read some of my poetry, suggested I self-published them in an e-book for Kindle.

Encouraged, I looked into it and found Fred Harding’s Kindle Writer 2. It’s a fantastic software program that Fred created for authors who want to self-publish! Better yet, it is available on a 30-day Free Trial, so you can try before you buy. You can get started right away familiarising yourself with how it works. After the 30 days, by which time you may have already put most of your draft book onto Kindle Writer2, all you pay is a modest £25 one-off payment, and the software is yours for life! Once paid for, you get a registration number via email, and you get the complete version which takes you all the way through to the publishing of your book on KDP (Kindle Publishing Direct) via Amazon! – And that’s it you are a published author at last!

I found Fred to be amazingly supportive. I was able to send any queries to him via email, which he responded to promptly every time. So not only do you get a fantastic product in Kindle Writer 2, you get the back up and customer service you would wish to have, to guide you through the process if needed. (Although there is a Cover Maker module on KW2, Fred also provides a great cover making service at a reasonable price. He created my cover and it was a stunner!)

Using Kindle Writer 2, I recently published my first book, ‘Reflections-A Book of Modern Poems’ which is now, live on Amazon Kindle Store! I am already busy writing my next book, (a novel this time!), and it’s all thanks to Fred Harding and his amazing software. Fred truly made my dreams come true and deserves all the positive testimonials he receives. I can’t recommend Kindle Writer 2 highly enough, just go for it!
- Linda Lucas-Kenny, (Author of Reflections-A Book of Modern Poems). (24th August, 2015)


I highly recommend KindleWriter2. It is a very easy to use program, that takes you step by step through the process of publishing your ebook. From first draft to publication. Without needing any previous technical knowledge.
- Ian Haldon (author of Viking Moon and Jungle of Death), both produced with Kindlewriter2. (22nd August, 2015)

Kindle Writer was such a time saver creating a perfectly formatted Kindle Ebook. I am amazed. Will use this for all my up and coming books.
- John Flushberg (14th August, 2015)

If you ever thought you might want to write a book and then turn it into a Kindle book...be prepared for a bit of a nightmare...I posted in forums, asking what others were doing and began to experiment with the various programs they suggested. The results went from less than satisfactory to just downright bad. I would get it looking good in one version of Kindle and it would look terrible in another. Frustration ensued, and, all the while, comments were pouring in from our Facebook pages asking when the Kindle version would be available...

One forum member said that he had good luck with a program called KindleWriter2, a program designed to input the code quickly through the use of a toolbar with all of the codes Kindle accepts (and they don't accept very many). I went to the site and saw that they had a 30-day free trial so I downloaded it. In short order I had my text imported and most of the formatting done. There were a few wrinkles, for sure, most of them involving the Table of Contents which becomes linkable in the Kindle, but an email to the author resolved those quickly.

It took a week from the day of download to the day of publish, but a good bit of that time was fixing errors in my original manuscript that had been missed, and in converting tables to lists, and in sizing graphics. I also took time to fix the original paper manuscript errors and to send them in for revision, something you can do with Amazon since they print on demand as the book is ordered... The Kindle version went live this morning and I am one happy camper...
- Deb Akey and TJ Akey, USA (5th July, 2015)
Full Review here: http://theretirementproject.blogspot.co.uk

I had my first book published in 1997 and when the copyright reverted back to me, I decided to publish on Kindle. All the various forums were full of tales of woe, regarding the formatting of your text ready to upload to Amazon, so I began my own search for an 'all-in-one' software that could successfully manage this for me.

Following various searches, I came across the Kindle Writer and decided to download the trial version. Within the day, I decided to purchase it. This was the Authors 'Swiss Army Knife' software I had been looking for.

The software has been superbly compiled and is quite easy to follow if you download the accompanying 'Kindle Writer Simplified' book.

I would without reservation, recommend the Kindle Writer for any traditional Authors reticent about the transition from paper to digital format. The support and encouragement from Fred Harding is always extremely fast and very professional, not to mention the Lifetime upgrades.

Needless to say, my book has now been published and now resides on Amazon Kindle, as well as the book shelves.
- Martin Heald, UK (30th December, 2014)

My first book; The Outbreak - Ebola, Top Ten Survivalist Tips and More...; was written using Kindle Writer 2.

I was initially overwhelmed on how I was going to put this book together. The Kindle Writer step-by-step instruction was so easy to follow and the couple of questions I did have were immediately addressed by Fred.

The software is so easy to use and the user guide easy to understand. Kindle Writer 2 is highly recommended and worth much more than the published price.
- Robert Githens, USA (28th October, 2014)

As a consultant who works with service professionals to sell their services without being salesy I know full well the value of having and using a book as a "business card." But as an independent professional I struggled with not only writing my book but figuring out how to get it available for sale on Amazon and other retailers. Kindlewriter has been a God-send. The system is easy to learn and use so you can focus on writing your book. Laying it out and converting it into the proper formats is as simple as following the directions and clicking the right buttons.

What I think truly sets Kindlewriter apart is it was created by a writer for other writers and that Fred provides the most incredible level of customer service and support I’ve ever seen.

I'm a traumatic brain injury survivor and while I function at a high level, there are moments when my injury will get the better of me. When that has happened during moments I’ve been using Kindlewriter, I’ve been able to reach out to Fred and get kind, quick responses that have gotten me on the right path. And it’s always been “user error”, never a problem with the software.

If you’ve been looking for a tool to help you prepare your fiction or nonfiction manuscript for publication on any of the e-reader platforms, Kindlewriter is the only tool you need. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
- Winnie Anderson, USA (21st October, 2014)
Best selling author of Stand Out and Attract Great Clients, Faith From 9 to 5, and How to Write and Deliver a Eulogy

I found it was relatively easy to format my book using Kindle Writer.

The "right brain" authors may have doubts as to whether they can struggle through the process but Fred has made it extremely easy. As being more "visually oriented," I found it very convenient to have an array of functions at the top to select often needed coding such as "insert page break" or "insert image." The downloadable manual is also helpful.

Consider the fact that if you were clever enough to have produced a book, you're definitely intelligent enough to use this software.

And, if one needs a little coaching, Fred is more than happy to provide it. I emailed a few questions and Fred was very helpful in troubleshooting and arriving at a solution.

Considering the amount of assistance provided, Kindle Writer is a great bargain.
- Richard Titus, New Jersey (6th August, 2014)

I happened upon Kindle Writer2 while doing a search for e-book cover resizers. The software was so reasonably priced and had so many inviting features that, after a bit of research, I didn't hesitate to buy it; particularly since I was having some challenges with other e-book formatters I had tried.

I am quite pleased with my purchase of Kindle Writer2. Through use of the program, my print book, MAMA MOSES and MOTHER TRUTH--Life Links as Mystics and Freedom Masters, is now proudly birthed as an e-book on Kindle and available for sale. Now I can proceed via KW2 to also send it on its merry way to Kobo.

My learning of the program was facilitated by detailed, courteous and quite helpful tech guidance from Kindle Writer2 creator, Fred Harding, along with the quite useful pdf instruction guide for the sofware. I'm ready, willing, and quite able to now to begin my next e-book project and to urge literarily-oriented friends and students to do the same
- Linda Cousins-Newton (19th June, 2014)

A few years ago I was talking to some friends about this guy who used an old refrigerator to make a home smoker. As a professional chef this started the cogs whirring "what a clever idea" I thought. My son expanded on the home smoker question by saying "did the refrigerator work or not?" To cut a long story short I obtained an old wine cooler that worked. A few holes were drill in the fridge, smoke was fed in and sucked out. Records were kept, notes made, recipes invented, altered and changed to suite.

Two years past, both family and friends started to ask for samples. What was a hobby was fast turning into a way of earning extra money. So both my son and I decided to write a self publish cookery book for Kindle on home smoking (hot and cold), Curing and Dehydrating based on the notes collected. Hence we wrote our cookery book in Microsoft Word (a huge mistake, although we did not know that at the time), what a learning curve ensued. The book was proof read twice to be on the safe side, extra photographs were taken and added to the book.

All went swimmingly until we tried to convert the file for Kindle. The pagination used by Word is not recognised by Kindle so your beautiful document now becomes totally unreadable once converted. Microsoft was as useful as a chocolate fire guard when presented with this particular problem. Both my son and I felt deflated and very angry. The book had already taken a great deal of time and effort to produce and we were now confronted with the possibility a total rewrite. Unthinkable but true we required a different format.

Enter Kindle Writer2, written and produced by Fred Harding. The software is a pleasure to use and the steps required to produce a .mobi file are very easy to follow. We asked for some help finding an error in our book and his service was over and above our expectations in getting the book back on Amazon. Would gladly recommend this software for anyone looking to write their first book for kindle.
- Stephen Pape (12th May, 2014)

Dear Fred

I am so very glad I came across Kindle Writer. I was coming towards the end of a free trail period with Schrivener; had written all the chapters to my book but still felt unsure of how Schrivener worked. In fact I could not link it all to the Amazon downloads that you had to have to get a book published. Everything was kind of guess work. There were way too many buttons and different ways of using Schrivener, and the tutorials and video guides were all too difficult to understand, keep track of and utilise.

In fact it was when I was searching for how to download onto Amazon that I came across Kindle Writer. At that time I was feeling very tired and deflated. I didn't feel I could visualise my book, couldn't use the Amazon preview because I couldn't link it to Schrivener. I also was not that confident of the finished chapters I had written so far...

However with Kindle Writer, I was so made up, and felt a "can do" attitude" even on the first day of trying the free download you provide, so much so I bought it the following day. I love it for so many different reasons.

One is I have found no problems what so-ever in linking the downloads you suggest to Kindle Writer. Everything was seamless, easy to understand. The second thing is I just love the lay out. Everything on it so user friendly; draft and book Maker are so easy to navigate to and from. You were right about the File Manager! I found that a little not daunting, but more difficult to use at first, but that is because of my limited knowledge as to to computers, but I love it now. I can move things around so easily and add to folders; I think it is brilliant.

I haven't missed anything from Schrivener, and I've deleted the 14 days or so remaining on the trial. I do think that Kindle Writer far excels anything in Schrivener; I find Kindle Writer helps so much too in actually looking at the work completed, in reviewing the work. For editing, it is such a dream. I was able to re-arrange and edit the chapters; I could see them building as I went. I went from "can't do this" and even thinking about paying someone to handle the download for me, to a "can do this now"...

I like being actively involved in putting the book together. I felt that with Kindle Writer, I was the one putting the chapters together. Kindle Writer is as creative as the person using it; you can see your book being born really. You can see it unfold, you can re-mould it to what you want so easily, and mistakes, errors in the text just stand out! I found for example, there were more than a couple of errors that I had not come across in Schrivener, that just stood out in Kindle Writer.

It was so easy to transfer the chapters too from Schrivener into Kindle Writer, as it was transferring an image from say word or my picture files. I found what I read about Kindle Writer to be true, you do pick up some HMTL knowledge as you go along. I would like to add that I have M.E., and although I am better than I was, it is difficult for me to learn new things, but with Kindle Writer it nurtured me along. I think it is a system that links to what ever computer skill you have.

I was able to put my book on Amazon, and am so proud of it. Your system saved me hours and hours; I felt ready on Kindle Writer to publish on Amazon, whereas with the Schrivener, I did not feel in control at all.

I think I only had one query, which you so quickly answered and helped me with. Your guide though is absolutely brilliant. I spent time in reading it through, that again is a bonus. With Schrivener I was so busy looking up this and that from different sources, and barely was able to remember anything, yet with your book, it was like you were sitting there, taking me through step by step.

Sincerely, Fred, thank you so much. Anyone who cannot see the quality of KW must be bonkers, it is such a dream. It is user friendly but sophisticated too, if it did not suit everyone, from beginner up, you wouldn't use it yourself, cos it would have drove you nuts with the skills you have...

I was thinking KW could have helped me so much when I was in University, I could have easily have managed all my work on Kindle Writer; it isn't just for publishing, and you know what, with K.W. I can Kick Worrying and Keep Writing!
- Georgina Green (16th February, 2014)

"My interactive children's book involves making a decision at the end of every page so that the reader can create numerous stories for themselves. I could not have begun to write such a story and created the necessary HTML without the Kindle Writer software. It is easy to navigate, the accompanying manual is extremely thorough and Fred could not have been kinder or more patient with the questions that I had.

I have no idea why anybody would struggle to write a book for Kindle using another other software when Kindle Writer does it all - and creates the covers - for such a reasonable price.

I can't recommend it highly enough, and have already started on my next interactive adventure which will - of course - be created with Kindle Writer!"
- Christine Perry (15th February, 2014)

The price I paid for this amazing software was returned via sales of my first ever Kindle book within 2 days of it going on sale!

At first I found it a bit tricky but Fred was there to help me out. I sent quite a few emails asking dumb questions but Fred replied quickly each time with great patience and explained exactly what I had to do. I have really enjoyed creating my first Kindle ebook and am very proud of my efforts.

This is an investment that I think will pay off for many years to come. Thank you Fred for creating KindleWriter I’m sure without it I would never have been able to put together the Rochester Photographic Tour.
- Dawn OConner (25th January, 2014)

I have written several articles for various publications, all on musical topics, but writing a work of juvenile fiction was a new venture for me. I looked on the internet to find out about formatting books for Kindle devices but found it rather intimidating.

Then I found Fred’s program and downloaded the 30 day free trial version. It was very simple to follow but I managed to make some fairly basic mistakes. Fred was always on hand to help me to sort things out and without his help I would not have been able to finish the project, or maybe not as easily. It took me a little while to understand how to use the Kindle Writer 2 but now that I have mastered the basics I am sure that my future projects will be far more simple to complete.

My novel is now available to buy and I can’t begin to explain just how proud I am! I have been on cloud nine ever since! Thank you so much, Fred.
- Petra Lloyd (5th January, 2014)

When I decided to write a Kindle Book about my political awakening, I found the Kindle process very intimidating despite having worked with computers over a number of years. I had never written a book before, but that was not as much of a problem as the formatting for Kindle.

Research on line brought me to Fred Harding and Kindle Writer 2. That was my salvation. The software makes the process much much easier. But beyond the software is the support. No question was too basic to be treated seriously and kindly. All were answered speedily. I've never heard of any creator of software who provides this kind of support. The whole Kindle Writer 2 experience was worth its weight in gold! Thank you Fred!
- Shirley D. Hunter (29th December, 2013)

Today, I finally saw my Kindle science-fiction novel, Storm on Venus, published on Amazon. I have Fred Harding to thank for that, for I doubt if I could have managed it without his marvellous program. There are, of course, other ways to do it, but I’d already looked into those, and they were either dauntingly technical or very expensive. Fred’s program is neither of those things.

The whole job of formatting the text and creating a book cover took me only about ten evenings and a couple of weekends (some of which was spent obsessively revising the first few paragraphs!) and cost only the price of Kindle Writer 2. Naturally, there was still a little to learn - as is the case with any unfamiliar program - but Fred was always there to kindly and patiently answer any technical queries. My only criticism is that he should be charging more for it!
- R A Bentley (29th November, 2013)

As someone who is more at home with a quill pen I was a little nervous about tackling the intricacies and technical issues surrounding self publishing. I need not have worried Kindle Writer does all the heavy lifting and then some.

I confess I did have a few issues, of my own making, but let me tell you something. I could not have wished for better service. Fred Harding really goes overboard to help and I have no hesitation in recommending KW2. For self-publishers this is a must have tool.
- Lee Hobart (19th November, 2013)

Not being familiar with HTML, my pursuit of converting my book to e-format in order to publish it on Amazon Kindle, had become a daunting nightmare - until I came across Fred Harding’s website. His amazing software, ‘Kindle Writer 2’ was the perfect answer to my dilemma!

During the 30-day free trial, I was able to ‘test’ its excellent easy-to-follow templates to the full and managed to complete the entire process up to the point of publishing.

Mr. Harding provides detailed instruction in his manual, ‘Kindle Writer Simplified’, which takes one step-by-step and covers every possible requirement, including a complete cover-making template. It even guides you through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing submission form! And whenever I had questions, Mr Harding’s help and advice was exceptional! - A rare example of professional service at the highest level!

There are many more facets included in the package which I have not yet explored fully but look forward to doing so, knowing it can only add to the success of my journey.

I highly recommend ‘KindleWriter2’ to anyone who faces the same ‘goliath’ as I did!
- Ilse Olive (5th October, 2013)

What can I say? If you want to get your book out, if you want to actually stop talking about it, dreaming about it, and just do it, see it up there on amazon and start earning money, you need kindle writer. My book has already helped hundreds of readers - parents, teachers and children - prepare for their 11+ journey. Why? Because it is actually out there. I did it. Because of kindlewriter. Period, as they say in America.

It was a really easy programme to use. I had opted to go through kindle's own design and publishing maze, but after three months, I was no closer. I found kindlewriter randomly by a google search. A no brainer for me was I could try it for 30 days free. And I used every one of those days, because at last I had found a way to get 11+ Ways to 11+ Success out there, for sale, to real people. I had written the book already in word, and it was an easy couple of steps (very well explained and supported) to transfer this into the programme. There are lots of shortcuts on the software menu that cover all the formatting and html you will need. It might take you a week or so to get used to what this means, but it becomes second nature.

Fred Harding, the man behind the software, was also extremely helpful via email and phone for the one or two questions I did have.

If you're a writer, you can't spend a better £25. Results speak, and kindlewriter gets the result you want - your book on amazon! Get going, and good luck!
- Lee Mottram (20th September, 2013)

Dear Mr. Harding:

The Kindle Writer 2 program made getting my first book onto Amazon as a Kindle book a fantastic experience. The material available on the website and onboard with the software was everything I needed, and it actually made my book better. Kindle Writer was integral to the process of completing the book and getting it to the Kindle market.

Being able to create a .mobi file and put early versions of the book on various Kindles (my old keyboard model, my wife's Touch, my sister's Fire, etc.) allowed me to see exactly what it was going to do for people once I got it put up on the Amazon site. This saved me serious heartache, especially because of some issues with the book's illustrations that I would have ended up with if I hadn't been able to do this. It appears sending Amazon a .mobi file is really the way to go, because the thing looks exactly as I wanted with no surprises after using Kindle Writer (and obsessing the way an author/artist does before going live with a new project).

Thank you for your great, inexpensive software. I also appreciate that you have upgraded the software over time, as I have definitely benefited nicely from these upgrades. I wholeheartedly recommend Kindle Writer to any author looking to get into the e-book market.
- Robert Wolfe (3rd September, 2013)

"Fred Harding's Kindle Writer software is simplicity itself.

I made the mistake to begin with of second-guessing what to do next, instead of reading the manual and the instructions properly.

I would saved myself a lot of wasted time and effort if I had read it properly from the very beginning.

I have just published my first book on kindle with very little trouble.

From now on with the use of Fred's software it should be plain sailing.

I would give his - Kindle writer software 10/10 and I would give Fred's support 5 gold stars."
- Scarletta Phoenix (5th July 2013)

While writing our first book we searched online for a free template for a Kindle eBook. After spending considerable time entering and formatting text within the template we uploaded the book to Amazon for previewing. What a disaster! We then made several attempts to reorganise the text to address the formatting issues following conversion. The book looked just as bad if not worse each time we uploaded it.

Exhausted and despondent I said to my partner, "Surely we can’t be the only writers experiencing these problems! Why hasn’t someone developed software for this purpose?" And so we decided to search for Kindle software and discovered Kindle Writer. Within just a few days our book was published on both Amazon and Kobo - accepted for publication on first submission.

This software is brilliant - easy to use with clear instructions, even for people with limited or no knowledge of HTML. The support provided by Fred Harding, the developer, has been superb. The complementary tools provided with the software provide fantastic value for money and Fred shares his knowledge of additional online resources. We are so happy we found Kindle Writer! Clare Morrison & Carl Moser
- Clare Morrison & Carl Moser (3rd June 2013)

You are a writer: you string a sentence like a summer brook, you float a paragraph on a spring breeze, you can even dot your own 'i's' and cross your own 't's', but can you overcome the technical hurdles that will let you e-publish your own work and thereby gain the higher percentage of royalties that you feel you really deserve, in the midst of a changing business model that is empowering the writer like never before?

Probably, if you write like an angel and edit like a bureaucrat you cannot. But, all is not lost: there is this amazing, easy-to-use and super-friendly Kindle publishing software called Kindle Writer that I used, and which saved the day. It also put real meaning into the word 'empower', as far as writers are concerned.

It is the women's liberation front of modern-day literary artistry, it is the liberating franchise for the writers of our century, as the traditional business model for publishers begins to get turned on its head, much like the music industry was at the beginning of MP3s and bit-torrent downloading.

With Kindle Writer it becomes easy, and you get to take charge of your book. One friend and fellow writer, an established journalist with more than forty years in the trade, called the preparation of a manuscript for e-publishing "a steep learning curve". That was before he knew about Kindle Writer.

The software takes away the more daunting aspects, leaving you with simple click-boxes to take your work from computer to the Internet, whether it be retailed through Amazon or Kobo or another of the increasing number of e-book outlets around.

You can also turn your work into a .pdf file and, with some guidance from Kindle Writer, even sell it yourself.

And if you really are doing it all by yourself, Kindle Writer's user-friendly format allows you to make last-minute tweaks on screen before you turn it into a publication-ready .mobi format for amazon.com.

No one is perfect, and hardly anyone's work is always spot-on first time, especially when you are a 'lone wolf', as most writers tend to be. With Kindle Writer, you can pull your book back from its format and tweak it until it's ready, and you are ready, to face the world with your hard efforts – to a deadline you have set yourself. Be your own boss: don't merely empower yourself as a writer but empower yourself as a publisher. Kindle Writer is the program to do it.
- Shaun Benton (24th April 2013)

I have just published my novel, ‘Bridie McMahon’ on Amazon Kindle and I would never have managed it without the help of Fred Harding and Kindle Writer 2.

Being of a certain age and a self-confessed technophobe, I had been struggling for months to get to grip with the intricacies of creating a book for publication. I was about to admit defeat when I saw the advert for Kindle Writer 2. It sounded too good to be true, but with the offer of a 30 day free trial I decided that I had nothing to lose. I have just one regret, I wish that I had discovered it sooner.

I won’t pretend that everything fell into place at once, for being the dinosaur that I am I did struggle with certain elements but I had a saviour in Fred Harding, who was always just an Email away. I must have tested his patience to the limit with my sometimes mundane questions, but, true to his word he always responded and put me back on track. The upshot is that I am now working on my second book and actually enjoying it.

Fred Harding has to be congratulated for developing such a unique item of software and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to publish on Kindle.
- Marion Fellows (23rd April 2013)

"I researched in the internet and found kindle writer as a software solution, when Kindle writer 2 was out, 2 weeks later, it was a free download in comparison to all former software I have bought in my life, for writing kindle books.

I decided to tackle the Greek financial crisis by doing something creative and try to secure an income for myself, in order to survive as I have had adventures in securing an income for 3 years. I worked on a project this year and decided to invest € 30,00 to get KINDLEWRITER software and this was my beginning of trying to learn a new program, writing my first book, not knowing what or how good it will be ... but Fred Harding has not only created an exceptional program to make it easier for all of us to write electronic books, but he is exceptional himself, in supporting me by answering all questions, very quickly, encouraging (IN my case) and suggesting solutions to any upcoming problems in the most diplomatic way, ensuring that a good outcome will come out as a result.

I thank Fred as without his whole-hearted support, I would not have handed in my book to Amazon and have it up for sale, as in most Amazon sites. If I can rate Fred and his program it would be a 10 out of 5!!!! Thank you Fred for supporting me in completing my first book. Second one soon to be handed in, too….. I am also reading the books you suggested in how to improve your kindle sales and marketing.

If you are just breaking into the e-book market and need software that helps you to format your work and make your writing life a lot easier, this has to be the answer. KindleWriter2 an all in package that takes you step by step from writing your draft copy to that day when you become the publisher. If I add that the support is really quick and friendly, what else could you ask for? A fantastic tool that needs to be known!
- Dave English

"The Kindle Writer is an ingenious software with everything in one place, no need to worry about cover design or the formatting of my work to HTML - the software does it all!"
- Eunice Tawney

Awesome software and customer service! I had a desire and no clue how to go about achieving it. I googled how to do a kindle book and found Kindle Writer. I downloaded it but had technical issues with my computer. I contacted KW and received the most personal, patient, understanding, encouraging service beyond expectation!

We solved that problem and I went on to create my Dad's dream book written 15 years ago. He passed away without getting it published and this software was truly a Godsend, don't know what I would have done without it except pull all my hair out.

I felt confident that even though I am totally unable to follow the simplest of instructions without making them harder than intended and getting creative, (I have the same issue with recipes...) I had support from Fred to get me out of my self created messes! Response time was awesome and as reliable as the sun rising. Fred sticks with you until your issue is solved.

This is a very elegantly and beautifully designed software that is constantly being updated as technology improves. If you are doing a Kindle Book, look no further, just get this and get on with your life, you won't look back. Fred has a passion for what he has created and it shows. Now I look forward to doing my next book!
Thanks Fred and Kindle Writer!
- Christina Barnes


I was on the point of giving up publishing my young adults' novel on Kindle. Then I found Kindlewriter - a straightforward, easy-peasy, user-friendly program tailor-made for confirmed technophobes such as myself. What's more, Fred delivers on his promise of ongoing technical support - a 100% efficient, generous, personable service. The entire process has been empowering and inspired me to crack on with completing my next book - and publishing it!
- Morwen Fox

"Switching from your writer's hat to a publishing hat can be daunting. Even the steps Amazon lays out for Kindle can take a writer out of his/her comfort zone quickly. I found Kindle Writer 2 guided me through the process logically, simply and prepared my books for publication.

Cover Maker was essential for me - I was lost without it. Any question I had was answered promptly and I found Kindle Writer 2 Support to be superb. If you want readers for your books, you can publish with the help of Kindle Writer 2 and find the publishing hat fits just fine."
- Jim Greenfield

"I am a severely, technologically challenged grandfather who only used my computer as a basic word processor/e-mailer/web browser. I did not even know what a file manager was. Before I found Kindlewriter I wasted hours and hours watching youtube videos and contemplating buying basic templates for the same amount and sometimes more than Kindlewriter. "

"I must admit that it took me a little while to get my head around the way the program works but your support service went above and beyond anything I could have expected, and when I did get ‘tuned’ into Kindlewriter I was amazed at how easy it is to use. The split screen makes editing so very easy and the simplicity of making changes while proofing it on Kindle preview turned what would have been the drudge of crafting the final work into a really enjoyable experience."
- Richard Von Hippel

After months of struggling to get a good quality picture book together I was really relieved to find Kindlewriter.

HTML can be daunting for newbies like me but Fred has made everything very easy and the support I received while using the trial version, was fantastic.
- Tibby K. Adams

I just want to let you know that once I got your program it was a very simple matter to use it to format the book I had written in MS Word. It was a simple matter to insert the page breaks, set up the TOC and by following your instructions in the manual, I soon had everything up and running and looking good on my Kindle reader. I found it much easier to proof my book using the actual Kindle device while making any changes on the edit screen.

Using your Cover Maker, it was a simple matter to find a suitable photo, then write the text of the cover; the whole process took less than half an hour. Brilliant program, saved me heaps of time and I'll definitely be using it again.
- Richard Petrucelli

You have got to be congratulated on putting together the planet’s most complete and easy-to-use e-tool for preparing, formatting and uploading e-books to Amazon’s Kindle system.

....I found that Kindle Writer did everything I needed so simplistically. My Kindle nightmare suddenly became a pleasant dream.
- Dennis Whiteman

I don't know where I initially heard about KindleWriter but I'm glad I stumbled upon it! I downloaded the 30 day free trial but ended up buying the software after just 10 days because I love it!

I needed a program that could handle proper formatting of images and text together. When I tried working in a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Kindle template the images and text looked fine in the template. But after converting my HTML file using Mobipocket creater or KindleGen, the images and text would become scrambled due to the invisible formatting Word and OpenOffice automatically inserted. This doesn't happen with KindleWriter. After KindleWriter seamlessly converted my .rtf file to a .mobi file with the built in KindleGen program (no going in search of the Command Prompt window), I previewed my book and the text and images stayed in their correct positions.

Support has been fantastic. Every time, without exception, when I emailed in a question I received a prompt reply.

The program is great in and of itself but it gets better. Kindle Book Cover Maker is included in the price. Two good pieces of software for the price of one. Kindle Book Cover's simple interface is easy to master which means I don't have to waste my time trying to learn Photoshop or Gimp and I don't have to go to fiverr.com anymore to hire someone to do a professional Kindle book cover for me every time I'm ready to publish a new book on KDP.

I'm so pleased I found KindleWriter and I HIGHLY recommend it to every current and aspiring Kindle Publisher.
- Ellie Hudovernik

I just want to let you know that once I got your program it was a very simple matter to use it to format the book I had written in MS Word. It was a simple matter to insert the page breaks, set up the TOC and by following your instructions in the manual, I soon had everything up and running and looking good on my Kindle reader. I found it much easier to proof my book using the actual Kindle device while making any changes on the edit screen.

Using your Cover Maker, it was a simple matter to find a suitable photo, then write the text of the cover; the whole process took less than half an hour. Brilliant program, saved me heaps of time and I'll definitely be using it again.
- Richard Petrucelli

Fred, I just want to thank you for developing your KindleWriter software. It has saved me countless hours as well as a ton of frustration in getting my book formatted. It took just a little while to learn (as with any new software program) and just a few questions along the way. By the way I want to thank you for your tremendous customer support! I now have a beautifully formatted book which I just published yesterday. I will now be able to produce Kindle books flawlessly and with confidence.
- Jennifer Bingham

Life Saving Software: Ok so the headline is a bit of an exaggeration. I am a writer after all and we are prone to exercising poetic license every now and again. This software doesn't literally save your life but it does make it a heck of a lot easier. It relieves the stress of formatting your book for the Kindle and also provides a brilliant cover designer feature. The Cover Maker is also currently free if you purchase a copy of Kindle Writer.

No I am not an affiliate and I get no perks for advertising Fred's software but if he ever decides to run an affiliate program I will be the first in the queue. It's the software I used to publish my first Kindle book 'A Christmas Carol Revisited', and believe me if I had not been happy with the result I would not be writing this now!
- Philip Rowlands

I used Kindle Writer to get my first two books published on Amazon. At first I was a bit confused about a couple of aspects of using the software but as soon as I emailed Fred for clarification he was able to get me on track.

I've had a couple of things I've needed to ask him about subsequently and he's always been very quick at getting back to me - his support is first rate.

Now that I know how to use the software I shall continue using it for all my future Kindle books
- Andrew Chastney

"Fred, You've done a phenomenal job with your software and your delightful, intuitive website presentation.

Authors need precisely what you supply: a software and support service that holds their hand and walks them through the Labyrinthine process of producing their first eBook for the Kindle platform.
- David Zuniga

"Thank you so much for your Kindle Writer. The program allowed me to accomplish a longtime goal of leaving a legacy - the experiences I've had with Deaf teens.

Once I spent a few hours working the first program features, the rest I found was easy to intuit. In no time, I was moving along quickly getting the novel ready for Kindle. Please relay to anyone interested, that I highly recommend your Kindle Writer. Your program made possible a dream come true.

May you find satisfaction in serving many more of us authors by helping us write for Kindle with your easy-to-understand program."

- Chip Green

"After spending less than a day learning and using your program, I was able to get a test file to read perfectly on my Kindle, something I had been trying to do for some time by using bits and pieces of html help from various internet sources. I'll probably learn a little html along the way, and I expect I will add some hand coding here and there. But the convenience of having most of the things I'll need "under one roof" means a lot of time saving and little reason to use hand coding cold turkey in a plain text editor.

Thanks for making this. I intend to recommend this program to another writer I am acquainted with who is currently in the same position as I. (And any others I run across.)"

- Doug Johnson


Kindlewriter is amazingly helpful and simple to use. Using Kindlewriter, I have formatted 11 books of approximately 200 print pgs. each over the course of 6 weeks AND created covers for each...I added more books to Kindle and I'm thrilled to announce that in four weeks, I sold 55 books at the full price with no publicity or free promotions of any kind. I know the covers I made with kindle writer had a lot to do with my success.
- Felicia Mires (5th April 2013)