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It is my objective to not only provide the best Kindle Book Writing software available, but also to provide the best support too. To this end I will endeavour to help you free of charge any help you need when using my software in order to get your book published.

Thanks to the Internet and Email distance is no obstacle as Lucy Tsouni in Greece describes her experience in her own words and as written:

"I researched in the internet and found kindle writer as a software solution, when Kindle writer 2 was out, 2 weeks later, it was a free download in comparison to all former software I have bought in my life, for writing kindle books.

I decided to tackle the Greek financial crisis by doing something creative and try to secure an income for myself, in order to survive as I have had adventures in securing an income for 3 years. I worked on a project this year and decided to invest € 30,00 to get KINDLEWRITER software and this was my beginning of trying to learn a new program, writing my first book, not knowing what or how good it will be ... but Fred Harding has not only created an exceptional program to make it easier for all of us to write electronic books, but he is exceptional himself, in supporting me by answering all questions, very quickly, encouraging (IN my case) and suggesting solutions to any upcoming problems in the most diplomatic way, ensuring that a good outcome will come out as a result.

I thank Fred as without his whole-hearted support, I would not have handed in my book to Amazon and have it up for sale, as in most Amazon sites. If I can rate Fred and his program it would be a 10 out of 5!!!! Thank you Fred for supporting me in completing my first book. Second one soon to be handed in, too….. I am also reading the books you suggested in how to improve your kindle sales and marketing.

Here are some more emails sent to me regarding my software and support.

After months of struggling to get a good quality picture book together I was really relieved to find Kindlewriter. HTML can be daunting for newbies like me but Fred has made everything very easy and the support I received while using the trial version, was fantastic. - Anne OConnor
"Fred, I just want to thank you for developing your KindleWriter software. It has saved me countless hours as well as a ton of frustration in getting my book formatted. It took just a little while to learn (as with any new software program) and just a few questions along the way. By the way I want to thank you for your tremendous customer support! I now have a beautifully formatted book which I just published yesterday. I will now be able to produce Kindle books flawlessly and with confidence! - Jennifer Bingham
....thank you for your tireless support! - Louise Rothry
Support has been fantastic. Every time, without exception, when I emailed in a question I received a prompt reply. - Ellie Hudovernik
By the way I want to thank you for your tremendous customer support! I now have a beautifully formatted book which I just published yesterday. - Jennifer Bingham
I used Kindle Writer to get my first two books published on Amazon. At first I was a bit confused about a couple of aspects of using the software but as soon as I emailed Fred for clarification he was able to get me on track. I've had a couple of things I've needed to ask him about subsequently and he's always been very quick at getting back to me - his support is first rate. - Andrew Chastney


Download Kindle Previewer 2

Kindle Writer uses Kindle Previewer to preview Kindle books it generates. You will need to install the new Kindle Previewer 2. You will then need to associate the mobi file again as explained on this link


Kindle Previewer 2 is an excellent Kindle Emulator and you can see what your book will look on all Kindle devices as well as Android tables running Kindle for Android, IPad and IPhone

Download Kindle Previewer 2

Useful Tip: BOOK MAKER: Paragraph Formatting in Book Maker

If you put the cursor of the mouse inside text you intend to paragraph, and triple click the mouse, the text will be highlighed. Now you can press the F1 button to add the paragraph tags. This method is a fast way of doing what is rather a tedious job.