"Fred Harding's Kindle Writer software is simplicity itself.

I made the mistake to begin with of second-guessing what to do next, instead of reading the manual and the instructions properly.

I would saved myself a lot of wasted time and effort if I had read it properly from the very beginning.

I have just published my first book on kindle with very little trouble.

From now on with the use of Fred's software it should be plain sailing.

I would give his - Kindle writer software 10/10 and I would give Fred's support 5 gold stars."
- Scarletta Phoenix (5th July 2013)

While writing our first book we searched online for a free template for a Kindle eBook. After spending considerable time entering and formatting text within the template we uploaded the book to Amazon for previewing. What a disaster! We then made several attempts to reorganise the text to address the formatting issues following conversion. The book looked just as bad if not worse each time we uploaded it.

Exhausted and despondent I said to my partner, "Surely we can’t be the only writers experiencing these problems! Why hasn’t someone developed software for this purpose?" And so we decided to search for Kindle software and discovered Kindle Writer. Within just a few days our book was published on both Amazon and Kobo - accepted for publication on first submission.

This software is brilliant - easy to use with clear instructions, even for people with limited or no knowledge of HTML. The support provided by Fred Harding, the developer, has been superb. The complementary tools provided with the software provide fantastic value for money and Fred shares his knowledge of additional online resources. We are so happy we found Kindle Writer! Clare Morrison & Carl Moser
- Clare Morrison & Carl Moser (3rd June 2013)

You are a writer: you string a sentence like a summer brook, you float a paragraph on a spring breeze, you can even dot your own 'i's' and cross your own 't's', but can you overcome the technical hurdles that will let you e-publish your own work and thereby gain the higher percentage of royalties that you feel you really deserve, in the midst of a changing business model that is empowering the writer like never before?

Probably, if you write like an angel and edit like a bureaucrat you cannot. But, all is not lost: there is this amazing, easy-to-use and super-friendly Kindle publishing software called Kindle Writer that I used, and which saved the day. It also put real meaning into the word 'empower', as far as writers are concerned.

It is the women's liberation front of modern-day literary artistry, it is the liberating franchise for the writers of our century, as the traditional business model for publishers begins to get turned on its head, much like the music industry was at the beginning of MP3s and bit-torrent downloading.

With Kindle Writer it becomes easy, and you get to take charge of your book. One friend and fellow writer, an established journalist with more than forty years in the trade, called the preparation of a manuscript for e-publishing "a steep learning curve". That was before he knew about Kindle Writer.

The software takes away the more daunting aspects, leaving you with simple click-boxes to take your work from computer to the Internet, whether it be retailed through Amazon or Kobo or another of the increasing number of e-book outlets around.

You can also turn your work into a .pdf file and, with some guidance from Kindle Writer, even sell it yourself.

And if you really are doing it all by yourself, Kindle Writer's user-friendly format allows you to make last-minute tweaks on screen before you turn it into a publication-ready .mobi format for

No one is perfect, and hardly anyone's work is always spot-on first time, especially when you are a 'lone wolf', as most writers tend to be. With Kindle Writer, you can pull your book back from its format and tweak it until it's ready, and you are ready, to face the world with your hard efforts – to a deadline you have set yourself. Be your own boss: don't merely empower yourself as a writer but empower yourself as a publisher. Kindle Writer is the program to do it.
- Shaun Benton (24th April 2013)

I have just published my novel, ‘Bridie McMahon’ on Amazon Kindle and I would never have managed it without the help of Fred Harding and Kindle Writer 2.

Being of a certain age and a self-confessed technophobe, I had been struggling for months to get to grip with the intricacies of creating a book for publication. I was about to admit defeat when I saw the advert for Kindle Writer 2. It sounded too good to be true, but with the offer of a 30 day free trial I decided that I had nothing to lose. I have just one regret, I wish that I had discovered it sooner.

I won’t pretend that everything fell into place at once, for being the dinosaur that I am I did struggle with certain elements but I had a saviour in Fred Harding, who was always just an Email away. I must have tested his patience to the limit with my sometimes mundane questions, but, true to his word he always responded and put me back on track. The upshot is that I am now working on my second book and actually enjoying it.

Fred Harding has to be congratulated for developing such a unique item of software and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to publish on Kindle.
- Marion Fellows (23rd April 2013)


The best reviews of any software are by those who have actually used it. Don't you agree?

I found the software to be excellent. Easy to use, it required very little experience to get to grips with and on the odd occasion that I did run into problems the free downloadable guide proved to have the answer.

It has been a great experience finally being able to put my book out there and I'm motivated to write more now that I know that I no longer have to go to agents or publishers to try and find an audience. I was really happy with it. In fact your even mentioned in the acknowledgements!

Thanks for everything.
- Chris Corbett (6th February 2013)

I want to thank you so much for creating Kindle Writer. I would never have been able to publish without it. When I bought the program I saw the benefit immediately in just the time and money savings. I was excited about using it and though there was a learning curve it was not very steep. I also appreciate the personal attention you gave me with questions I had. I certainly didn’t expect that level of service; it speaks highly of your character.

All the Kindle Writer modules are well done and easy to use and understand. The cover maker is especially good. I have a graphics background and cover maker made it very easy to make the stunning cover of my 1st Kindle book "God, The Universe And Darwin". The Book Maker module is especially marvelous. Even though I am computer literate, having the ability to Kindelize my book with out having to learn HTML code is just to cool for words. I cannot say enough good things about this program other than thank you. I am now, because of my initial experience, able to breeze through this process and I am already working on my second book.
- Richard Woodling (28th November 2012)

I am technically challenged. When I read, or watch "how to do it" instructions I panic, my brain freezes, and my mind goes as blank as a whitewashed wall. So it was a very pleasant surprise when I downloaded Fred's Kindle Writer for a free trial to find that I was actually formatting my book after only an hour! After that I had no hesitation in whipping out my credit card and buying a licence for the Kindle Writer.

I did get stuck at one point though, so I called the number listed on this site expecting to get an answer phone or some foreign guy on a help desk who would give me instructions I wouldn't understand: but the friendly voice who answered, and who patiently took me through the steps required to solve my problem, was Fred himself! Now thanks to Fred and his simple, brilliant, easy to work Kindle Writer my book is up there in the Kindle store.
- Harry Bardolph (1st December 2012)

When I first opened Kindlewriter 2, I have to say I was somewhat intimidated by all the buttons & bells - and the fact that there were two screens.

Because of this (and, if you’re like me & tend to jump in and get started regardless) the best advice I can give to anyone is - read the enclosed book "Kindlewriter Simplified". In fact, download the pdf (or Kindle book) so you’ve got it to refer to as you work.

Once you’ve read through the manual, most things become obvious and Kindlewriter proves to be one of the most intuitive pieces of software I’ve come across.

The sections that are for the book cover are particularly good. I managed to have my background sorted within just a few minutes and using cover designer was easy once I’d taken the time to read the instructions instead of assuming I new what was required! Being able to go back & alter things without re-doing the complete cover is especially useful - my cover took 6 edits.

The book writing section is simplicity itself - upload your tome to "Draft Writer" in sections (as per the example), or just use Draft Writer as you would any text editor and then just cut and paste to "Book Maker".

It really is that simple! All you have left to do is a bit of basic formatting using the built-in codes and you’re done. Everything is laid out clearly in the template for you to follow.

Even uploading your book to Kindle is taken care of with the "KDP Publisher" module so that, presuming you’ve set up an account with Amazon, everything is really simple to follow.

All I can say is "well done" and heartfelt thanks to Fred. I may have managed to get my book on to Kindle on my own, but nowhere near as quickly and I’d have probably given up & gone looking for something else. As it is, I’m part way through my follow-up book!

So, my book’s been on Kindle for 4 days and, taking advantage of their 5 day free promotion period, I’ve had over 1,000 copies downloaded so far. No 5 in one category & No 10 in another!

Excellent product, but READ THE MANUAL!!
- Steve Stapleton (28th November 2012)


This software is awesome! I love how it handles every step of creating a kindle book including building a cover and uploading to KDP. Kindle Writer is worth every penny!
- Alan Green

Thank you, thank you, thank you......... from from Australia! You have no idea how long I have searched for a programme like yours. When you are not born with a computer in your lap, you are left behind with technology and even what seems to be easy to the young ones becomes a task for us oldies.
- Rosanna Francis

I have been waiting a long time for something like this! Can't wait to get started and quit my day job........LOL. Thank you so much! Fantastic Price!!!
- Rose Cohoon

Absolutely love the simplicity of KindleWriter. I had to do all of the HTML code for my first two books and it was cumbersome and, quite frankly, a bit irritating. Thank you for this!
- Shawn W Salzman

Hi there, love your product! Writing my first book and I'm so excited can't wait to finish the process.
- Susan Rosen

Reviews of Version 1.44

- 14th June, 2012 by Martin Darke, Perth, Australia

Faced with the prospect of my publisher’s recommended ebook agent wanting 25% in perpetuity for formatting and uploading I turned to the Internet for an alternative. How lucky was I to discover Fred Harding and Kindle Writer (‘KW’). KW is a perfect step-by-step solution, extremely thorough, well written and easy to follow.

Backed up by Fred’s instant and excellent support, getting my book formatted and uploaded to Amazon has been a pleasure and very rewarding. It would be virtually impossible to find such great value anywhere, with such wonderful service, and I would recommend any author to KW and Fred Harding.

- 6th May, 2012 by Richard Petrucelli (Author of How to Find an Online Lover....Untold Secrets of the Internet)

I just want to let you know that once I got your program it was a very simple matter to use it to format the book I had written is MS Word. It was a simple matter to insert the page breaks, set up the TOC and by following your instructions in the manual, I soon had everything up and running and looking good on my Kindle reader. I found it much easier to proof my book using the actual Kindle device while making any changes on the edit screen.

Using your Cover Maker, it was a simple matter to find a suitable photo, then write the text of the cover; the whole process took less than half an hour. Brilliant program, saved me heaps of time and I'll definitely be using it again.

- 14th April, 2012 by Dennis Whiteman (Author of The Resonant Factor) Resonant Factor

"You have got to be congratulated on putting together the planet’s most complete and easy-to-use e-tool for preparing, formatting and uploading e-books to Amazon’s Kindle system.

Before finding Kindle Writer, I searched far and wide for an answer to the complicated format required for putting up a "quality" produced e-book on Kindle.

Sure, you can very easily click a few buttons and upload your masterpiece to the Kindle system, but you are more than likely to end up with a shameful 'dog’s breakfast,' one that will very likely upset readers and attract a lot of complaints, which can result in your pride-and-joy being closed down by Amazon.

I discovered this after downloading and inspecting Kindle e-book samples and being horrified at the sub-standard presentation of a lot of works I checked. Many were so bad that you wouldn’t be bothered reading them. No matter how interesting the material most would prefer to opt out, or pay the extra money and purchase a conventional 'wooden' version.

I spent ten years putting together my opus magnus, The Resonant Factor, and no way was I going to have it degraded by a junk presentation.

The Resonant Factor is not a novel. It is 586-page informational book with an extensive list of Endnotes and a substantial Glossary of Terms, which meant I needed a product that was capable of handling Standardized Chapter Headings that would provide a Teaser Line for the Chapter Number and an <h1> Chapter Heading followed by italicized and centered Quote Lines before the first paragraph began. I also needed indented <blockquote> paragraphs and other HTML formatting that would be acceptable to Kindle. The product would also need to produce a linkable Table of Contents and links within the pages to specific endnotes and glossary terms.

[What I had discovered about Kindle was disturbing: I found the system used HTML, but not always in a conventional way. It even introduced some of its own bogus HTML that was in fact not standard HTML.]

So, to do a good job was lining up as a daunting task. I searched far and wide but all that I could come up with were templates out of America that were over expensive and never addressed my needs. Then I discovered KINDLE WRITER and was suddenly blown away. Although I did understand HTML, I found that Kindle Writer did everything I needed so simplistically. My Kindle nightmare suddenly became a pleasant dream. I believe the product is even better now with new updates and functions.

(Check out the quality presentation of The Resonant Factor by download a sample of the book by clicking this link.

You may first have to download for free Kindle Previewer so as to view it on your PC or Mac screen.)

I do hope this little rundown on my experience on getting published on Kindle will help other authors in the discovery of a simple, inexpensive and brilliantly effective way of formatting and uploading their books to Kindle.

Thanks Fred, you have created a great product and are a pleasure to do business with.

Kindest Regards,
Dennis Whiteman (Author of The Resonant Factor)

Review of Version 1.43

- January 2012 - Ellie Hudovernik (author of The Art Of Tilemaking) The Art of Tile Making

"I don't know where I initially heard about KindleWriter but I'm glad I stumbled upon it! I downloaded the 30 day free trial but ended up buying the software after just 10 days because I love it!

I needed a program that could handle proper formatting of images and text together. When I tried working in a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Kindle template the images and text looked fine in the template. But after converting my HTML file using Mobipocket creater or KindleGen, the images and text would become scrambled due to the invisible formatting Word and OpenOffice automatically inserted. This doesn't happen with KindleWriter.

After KindleWriter seamlessly converted my .rtf file to a .mobi file with the built in KindleGen program (no going in search of the Command Prompt window), I previewed my book and the text and images stayed in their correct positions.

Support has been fantastic. Every time, without exception, when I emailed in a question I received a prompt reply.

The program is great in and of itself but it gets better. Kindle Book Cover Maker is included in the price. Two good pieces of software for the price of one. Kindle Book Cover's simple interface is easy to master which means I don't have to waste my time trying to learn Photoshop or Gimp and I don't have to go to anymore to hire someone to do a professional Kindle book cover for me every time I'm ready to publish a new book on KDP.

I'm so pleased I found KindleWriter and I HIGHLY recommend it to every current and aspiring Kindle Publisher."



I do appreciate all the help and support you have given me and I must say that the more I use your programme the more I really appreciate the fine product you have developed. I have a company, MobiApp121, we have just launched building mobile applications with a cross platform solution, so I can respect the development and work you have put into it.

As in developing and sourcing the tools for that product I have spent a good deal of time looking at eBook authoring software, such as, Jutoh, Sigil and Calibre and yours is by far the most professional solution in allowing the true developer to finely control the html structure. (I really dislike Calibre - it's more of a management tool but far too complex with major issues and bugs)

If I was giving out a prize for a great tool, with excellent support that does what it says on the tin, yours would be in the running for gold!
- Steve Fishwick (25th September 2012)

Review of Version 1.1

- 23rd July, 2011 by Nate Hoffelder of Digital Reader Kindle Writer Software

When I launched Kindle Writer on the 21st July 2011, Nate Hoffelder was kind enough to do a review of my product version 1.1.

Hoffelder first complimented the software by saying "Kindle Writer is an all in one tool for making basic Kindle ebooks. It can handle all the steps from editing the text file, adding formatting/cover/images, to creating the ebook and uploading it to KDP. As a single compact tool it is rather nice." However, he considered the software to be to simple for him as he preferred his own methods. He said, "I can see that this would be a pretty good tool for a beginner, but it is not nearly sophisticated enough to suit me, an experienced ebook maker."

That is fair comment, but Hoffelder missed the big picture. The software was not written for him but for authors who had no knowledge of HTML or how to clean up a word document so that can be converted for the Kindle. So when he said that "Kindle Writer is quite capable but it is still very basic" I took him to task and argued that it needed to be. There are not many authors who are HTML gurus and so it had to be simplistic in operation. You can read the review by Nate Hoffelder and my comments by following this link Digital Reader.

Kindle Writer has come a long way since the review by Nate Hoffelder. The software has undergone considerable improvements, enabling novices and professionals alike to build Kindle books. Purchasers of Kindle Writer received free upgrades and other useful benfits. As far as Kindle Writer is concerned I believe I have achieved my objective to enable people who have had no knowledge of HTML to write their books and I have had many emails thanking me for producing a software product that has helped them to publish their books.

If you are serious about publishing your book on the Kindle then why not download Kindle Writer yourself and try it out for 30 days. You will be glad that you did.