Kindle Writer Software

Kindle Writer Software

Kindle Writer Overview

Kindle Writer is the first software that is designed specifically for authors to build professional books that can be read on Amazon's Kindle, uploaded and sold through Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

What Authors who have used Kindle Writer have said

"After having wasted a lot of time and energy on trying out other formatting programs and other methods of getting the HTML correct, your software makes sense all of a sudden. If I knew this beforehand I would not have read all the rubbish most people on the Net hand out to the poor beginners trying to understand the how to's. The KISS formula works well here and in your process you learn more about HTML by seeing it work than a course can give you, thanks. It is all about writing HTML and with your software you write it without having to actually know it, if you get my drift."

- Victor Philip du Preez, SOUTH AFRICA (February 2012)

"Fred, I just want to thank you for developing your KindleWriter software. It has saved me countless hours as well as a ton of frustration in getting my book formatted...."

- Jennifer Bingham. (UK) - March 2012

Life Saving Software: Ok so the headline is a bit of an exaggeration. I am a writer after all and we are prone to exercising poetic license every now and again. This software doesn't literally save your life but it does make it a heck of a lot easier. It relieves the stress of formatting your book for the Kindle and also provides a brilliant cover designer feature.

- Philip Rowlands. (UK) - March 2012

"Fred, You've done a phenomenal job with your software and your delightful, intuitive website presentation. Authors need precisely what you supply: a software and support service that holds their hand and walks them through the Labyrinthine process of producing their first eBook for the Kindle platform."

- David Zuniga. (USA) - January 2012

"I don't know where I initially heard about KindleWriter but I'm glad I stumbled upon it! I downloaded the 30 day free trial but ended up buying the software after just 10 days because I love it! I needed a program that could handle proper formatting of images and text together. When I tried working in a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Kindle template the images and text looked fine in the template. But after converting my HTML file using Mobipocket creater or KindleGen, the images and text would become scrambled due to the invisible formatting Word and OpenOffice automatically inserted. This doesn't happen with KindleWriter...." "

- Ellie Hudovernik, USA - February 2012

Why Kindle Writer?

Until now, before Kindle Writer, to publish a book to be read on the Kindle one had to make do by converting third-party vendor software created files such as Adobe Acrobat .pdf or Microsoft Word .doc files to a Kindle accepted format so that they can be read on the Kindle - with mixed results.

While it is true that there are a couple of conversion programs worthy of note and you can read about these elsewhere on this site - and download them, yet not matter how good a conversion program is, the resulting output is only as good as the content supplied to it. Unfortunately, documents created by, say a word processor like Microsoft Word, was never designed to be seen on a device like Kindle. Consequently, it should be of no surprise to find that using such software can produce badly formatted content that does not look good on the Kindle. This is where Kindle Writer software from Tekline Publishing comes in.

The best way of creating a Kindle book is by creating it with HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), the language used to create web pages. This is the preferred option by Amazon for producing a professional book. However, there is a problem. Unless you know how to program in HTML you may consider this not a viable option even though it is the best option. But not anymore! With Kindle Writer, although we shall be using some HTML in the preparation of your publication, this is very easy as Kindle Writer does most of the work for you.

Kindle Book Layout

To create a book for Kindle, one needs to adhere to a simple formula of layout design that is common to all books.

  1. Cover
  2. First Page - Title of Book and Author
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Acknowledgements Page (This is Optional)
  5. Contents Page - List of your chapters
  6. Preface Page
  7. Prologue Page (This is Optional)
  8. Contents Page - The body of your nome.
  9. Bibliography or References (This is Optional)

Don't worry! The above is only a guideline. The layout of a book is determined by what kind of book you are writing. The basic layout for basic novel of fiction will differ from a non-fiction book that may contain lots of foot notes etc. When you use the second module of Kindle Writer "Prepare Book for Publication" the software Kindle Book Maker will give you a choice of layout templates that will be appropriate for your book.

Four Steps to Publication

Kindle Writer is designed to be as easy to possible to develop a Kindle Book, and the writing process follows a logical path that leads to publishing on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

When you first launch Kindle Writer you are presented with a menu which will lead you through the creation of your book and to publish it on Amazon.

Kindle Writer Software

Kindle Writer follows four easy steps for you to publish your book on Kindle. These are:

1. Write Your Draft Book (Kindle Draft Writer)

Kindle Draft Writer

You write the draft of your book with this software module. You do not need to concern yourself with formatting what you have written at this stage

2. Prepare Book for Publication (Kindle Book Maker

Kindle Draft Writer

This software module formats your book in HTML. Most of the HTML formatting is done for you with the use of specially made templates that reflect the type of book that you are writing.

3. Write a Descripion of Your Book (Kindle Description Maker)

Kindle Writer Software

When you upload your book it will be suggested that you write a description about it of upto 4000 characters. This is very important and an essential marketing tool. As Amazon says, "Your book description is what customers see as they shop the Kindle store. Think of it like the inside flap of a hardcover book. The description is a reader's first experience with the content of your book. A well-written description assures readers that the book itself is of similar quality".

You want to get your description right so you don't want to rush it but prepare it before-hand. This is what "Kindle Description Maker" does. All you have to do is simply paste (via a button) what you have written into the description box at the time of uploading your book. Easy peasy.

4. Publish Your Book on Amazon (Kindle Book Publisher)

Kindle Draft Writer

This is a special twin webbrowser that has been written based upon the Internet Explorer Browser engine, found on all windows computers. The browser on the left-hand side takes you automatically to the KDP publishing website and appears full-screen through which you login and upload your book. At the same time, a second browser on the right-hand side which initially is hidden shows the KDP publishing help pages.

Kindle Draft Writer

You can see both browsers at the same time or either full-screen using the page contros. This unique twin-browser enables you to upload your book via the KDP website, while being able to view the help section at anytime should you need to. From this too, you will be able to click on a button and paste your ready prepared description of you book made with Kindle Descripion Maker.
(Note: You will not be able to use Kindle Book Publisher during the trial period.

We now take a more comprehensive tour of each module of Kindle Writer via the online manual: