Kindle Cover Maker was a program for people who wanted to produce Kindle Covers but did not want to buy Kindle Writer because they have another solution for creating books for the Kindle. However, I have discontinued selling Kindle Cover Maker as it is built into Kindle Writer, the difference in cost was very small so you might as well get the benefits of Kindle Writer such as Brainstormer etc.

Why Use Kindle Cover Maker?

In order to create a ebook cover for the Kindle you will need a graphics editor program. Professionals whose business is to create graphics have purchased software like Adobe Photoshop CS5 (569). There are also very good alternatives, such as or Paintshop Pro X3 (45).

Although these commercial graphic editors are excellent, they have a steep learning curve. They are cluttered with all kinds of functions, most of which you will not need to use and you will need to understand the concept of layers amongst other things.

Kindle Cover Maker
GIMP is a great Graphics Editor and it is Free, but it has so many functions that you have a steep learning curve to use it.

There are also some excellent FREE graphic editors that are as powerful as the aformentioned commercial ones. One particually comes to mind. It is called GIMP and is open source. But like the commercial graphic editors this tool is full of functions as you can see from the screenshot alongside. It too has a steep learning curve, however you are welcome to try it as I have put a link to the website where you can download it. Just click on the GIMP link in this paragraph. Good luck! You will need it.

I admit that with a lot of effort and learning you will be able to create very good Kindle ebook covers with the graphic editors described above. But at the end of the day, it is like taking a sledge hammer to crack a peanut. You need to ask yourself, do you really want to learn how to manipulate images, play with layers, and learn all the complex functions that are found in the aforementioned graphic editors - JUST TO CREATE A KINDLE EBOOK COVER?

Two Kindle Book Covers or one?

First Picture: Marketing Cover shown on KDP 2nd Picture Internal Content Cover Image.

Before I continue, one should know that Amazon speaks of two book covers. The first is the MARKETING COVER image that is shown alongside your book details on the Kindle Store Website. According to the KDP Amazon Kindle Guidelines, "the preferred format for the cover is a JPEG image of 600 x 800 pixels". This is the image that you upload when you fill in the details of your book on KDP.

The other cover is the INTERNAL CONTENT COVER Image, the one that is embedded as the front cover of your book. This too is recommended to be 600 x 800 pixels.

So as far as you are concerned, with Kindle Cover Maker you create one book cover of 600 x 800 pixels for your book, and embed it inside your book, and upload seperately to KDP for marketing purposes. This makes things much easier, because all we need to deal with is one cover. Just what the doctor ordered.

On Kindles 3 (now called Kindle Keyboard) and Kindle 4s any picture you create will automatically be gray scaled. However, on Kindle Fire this is a colour tablet, so whatever cover you create it should be in colour. Kindle Cover Maker creates your cover in colour but you can see what it looks like in gray-scale by clicking on one of the options.

Designed for Simplicity of Use

When I wrote Kindle Cover Maker I wanted it to be so easy that it would be almost second nature to you with the mininum of controls for you to learn. So I got down to basics...

When you think about a cover for the Kindle what do you need? The cover generally speaking has a background image or will just be a plain colour. Then you add the text, ie the title of your book and your name as the author. That's about it! The background therefore is the most important part of the cover. So I started with this. However, if it is your intention just to have a coloured background upon which you can add text, small pictures, coloured blocks, even rounded blocks then jump straight to 3. Cover Designer.

Kindle Cover Maker Overview

Kindle Cover Maker has three main functions.

  • 1. Background Maker: This produces a 600 pixel x 800 pixel background image.
  • 2. Background Enhancer: You can add all kinds of filters to enhance your background cover.
  • 3. Cover Designer: This is where you over lay your text (title of your book, author name etc), and other pictures over the top of the background to produce your final book cover.

1. Background Maker

Basically, your background will be based upon a picture. You can use your own pictures (perhaps you can have taken with your camera) or use one of thousands that are free online and in fact I have incorporated a search engine within Draft Writer so you can search for a suitable picture. On the right of this page there are other links that you can find your a picture that reflects what your book is about.

I would highly recommend that you visit The Book Cover Archive. Here you will find over 1371 book cover designs to provide you with inspiration about designing your book cover. Just follow this link» or click on the picture below. You can create such covers with Kindle Cover Maker.

Whatever picture you use make sure that it is at least 1024 x 768 or above. This is so that when you load the picture in Kindle Cover Maker you can easily zoom in and out of the picture, move it around, position it etc. If you use a lower resolution then your final picture may look blocky (pixilated). Your background will be developed on a canvas that is 600 x 800, the size required for the Kindle. You can cover the entire canvas area with your picture or reduce it in size and place it within a coloured inside boarder where you may wish to add your title and author details, just like the cover alongside. You can simple create a coloured background only upon which you intend to place your title and author information. Your cover can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Kindle Cover Maker will build it for you.

2. Background Enhancer

It may well be that your background for your cover created with Background Maker is exactly what you want. In which case simple move on to 3. Cover Designer. However, most graphic editors include functions that allow you to darken, lighten, emboss, create a negative image, solarise it, posterise it or more. So with this in mind I have provided this module for you to experiment with. Just load up your background and press the enhance button and a number of enhancement sliders are provided. I told you it would be simple.

3. Cover Designer

Whether you have gone directly to this module or have used the other modules to produce your background, this is where you add your text and other objects. I say objects, because instead of using layers as found in other graphic editors I have chosed to use vector graphic objects instead.

This means that you can add all kinds of objects from rectangles, circles, ellipses, lines, text, angle text and lots more. You simply load your background or set your background colour and then place the objects on the site and change their properties to suit your design using the object inspector. Most objects you simply click on a corner and drag to a position to resize. Many objects have properties to change colours, add curves or you can rotate them to any angle.....

Cover Designer is a very flexible and innovative way of producing your cover. You can even overlay other pictures on top of the background.

Below are the buttons that you can use to place your objects.

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