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When you create a cover in most cases you will use a picture as a background, upon which you will write your book title and author name. If it is just a case of using a color as the background you can bypass 1. Background Maker and go straight to 3. Cover Designer. What now follows assumes that you are going to use a picture as a background.

You can use your own pictures (perhaps you can have taken with your camera) or use one of thousands that are free online and in fact I have incorporated a search engine within Draft Writer so you can search for a suitable picture. On the right of this page there are other links that you can find your a picture that reflects what your book is about.

Whatever picture you use make sure that it is at least 1024 x 768 or above. This is so that when you load the picture in Kindle Cover Maker you can easily zoom in and out of the picture, move it around, position it etc. If you use a lower resolution then your final picture may look blocky (pixilated). Your background will be developed on a canvas that is 600 x 800, the size required for the Kindle.

With Background Maker you can cover the entire canvas area with your picture or reduce it in size and place it within a coloured inside boarder where you may wish to add your title and author details, just like the cover alongside. You can simple create a coloured background only upon which you intend to place your title and author information. Your cover can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Kindle Cover Maker will build it for you.

Here are a few examples of what Kindle Cover Maker can fact there is not much it cannot do. It is all down to your imagination.

I would highly recommend that you visit The Book Cover Archive. Here you will find over 1371 book cover designs to provide you with inspiration about designing your book cover. Just follow this link» or click on the picture below. Kindle Cover Maker is capable of creating all the covers shown in the archive.

Layout and Controls

Background Maker has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. That is why I have used large buttons that tell you what they do rather than tiny icons common in many graphic programs.

The working layout is split up into two distinct areas. On the right is the canvas which is the size of the Kindle Cover, 600 pixels by 800 pixels. This is where you develop your background.

On the left of the canvas area is the control panel and as you can see there are twelve control buttons in two rows. The first row contains the main buttons for loading, saving and printing your background. The second row contains buttons that control filters that act on your background image.

Beneath the buttons is a slider. When you load a picture or background in the canvas area, you can use this to zoom in or out of the canvas, or use your scroller on your mouse.

Beneath the slider is a box headed background. This is where the filename of your background will appear when you have loaded up a source or background picture. Underneath this is a Kindle thumbnail that you will see on KDP when you have uploaded your book cover. This is updated automatically as you manipulate the picture in the canvas area.

Load a Source Image or Saved Background

You will notice that there are two Open buttons:
  • Open S - This opens the source folder and view the source pictures that you have store and intend to use for your background.
  • Open B - This opens up the background folder where your created backgrounds are stored.

As I am writing a book entitled "Nephilim Skeletons Found" a remarkable study of how bones found in Europe were misinterpreted to fit a new theory on the origins of man when in fact they were the skeletons of the Nephilim, the children of the Watchers (fallen angels) whose bones were also unearthed. So to demonstrate how Kindle Cover Maker works I shall create a cover for the book.

1. Select a picture for your background

Open up Background Maker from the opening screen and you will be presented with a blank canvas on the right-hand side, which is 600px x 800px, the size of the Kindle Cover.

Click on the Open S button and photos in your source folder will be shown. I am going to use Bones2 for my cover. So far so good. My Bones2 picture is shown on the Kindle Canvas on the right-hand side, and a thumbnail that would be shown on Amazon Kindle book store is shown on the left.

2. Scroll Wheel Magnification Function

Now this is where Background Maker comes into its own. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can now magnify the picture using it (or use the slider if you do not have one which is located to the left of the Kindle Canvas). It is best to use an original picture that is bigger in size than 600px x 800px so that when you resize the picture it will not be pixilated (blocky), and if you magnify down, the quality will also be better.

3. Move and Position your Picture in the Canvas Area

Besides magnfiying your picture on the canvas area, you can also drag it around to any position you like. So if you have a high resolution picture that you have zoomed in and out you can drag it to a position that is best suited for showing the title of the book and the author name.

4. Changing the Surrounding Area

Background Maker is very versatile. You can manipulate your picture on the canvas by zooming in and out or dragging it about to position it where ever you like. But there is more. You don't have to place your picture over the entire area of the canvas. For example, let us say you wish to have a picture reduced in size and centered in the middle of the canvas. In addition, you want a different colour surrounding it (black is the default). The idea being is that you intend to write the title of the book at the space at the top and your name (the author) at the bottom. Easy peasy.....

Reduce the size of your picture and place it in the center or below the center so that you can have larger text for the title of your book at the top. Next, to change the surrounding area, click on the "Background" button, and a colour dialog will appear. Select your colour and say OK. Bingo! Your picture has a coloured area surrounding it.

5. Colour Filters

There are 5 other buttons that you can click which will switch on and off your colors. RGB is the default and shows all colours.

Note: These Colour filters are quite strong in depth, so if you just want to make them less striking, you can use say the blue one and then go to 2. Background Enhancer to lighten them or reduce its contrast and more....

6. Saving Your Background

Having created your background the next thing is to save it. Click on the Save button and you will automatically be prompted to save your background to the background folder. Give your background a name.

It should be noted that your background will be saved as a .bmp file. The reason for this is because saving it to a .jpg file will result in loss of quality of the picture if the picture is constantly used and saved. A .bmp file will always retain the quality of the image.

30 Day Trial Version Watermark

The purpose of the 30 day trial is to enable you to try out the software before purchase. While the trial version is completely fully operational, there is one issue you need to be acquainted with. When you save your background using the 30-day trial a watermark will be added to the picture. Furthermore, any backgrounds saved with the trial version will remain watermarked even if afterwards you have purchased the software. Only when you have purchased the software will the watermark function cease to function and your backgrounds that you next create are unmarked.

Search for Pictures within Kindle Cover Maker

There are many Royalty-free pictures available online or you can use your own photos. You will find many links on this website and the members area for those who have purchased Kindle Writer or Kindle Cover Maker. However, to start you off, I have integrated a very good site "EveryStockPhoto" a search engine into Background Maker. Click on the menu and select "Search/Free Stock Photos Online.

A dialog will appear, and all you have to do is type in your subject and you will be sent to the Free Stock Photos site and have access to 13 million free photos - so you are bound to find one that meets your criteria.

I would recommend that you download your backgrounds to the source folder of Cover Maker. This is not mandatory as you can store your pictures anywhere on your hard disk, but it just means that you will have to go find them when you click on the "Open S" (Open Source) button on the toolbar. The program automatically looks into the source folder by default.

Print Your Background

If you click on the Print button a print preview of your background will appear so you will see what you will be printing.

Kindle Cover Maker 30 Day Trial Watermark

Kindle Cover Maker will be available for 30 days trial so you can try out the software. Note however, that any backgrounds created will contain a watermark. When you purchase and register the software, the watermark will be removed for newly created backgrounds. The price of the software will be 21 ($35). However, registered users of Kindle Writer will be given a copy for FREE.