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Fred Harding

Welcome to the Kindle Writer website. My name is Fred Harding and I am the developer of Kindle Writer, the only software available that has been developed for authors to write their books and publish them on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing platform).

Until now you would have had your book often written in Microsoft Word or other word processor and have had to have it converted, either by via a costly conversion company or you DIY using software like Calibre or MobiPocket Creator. None of the aforementioned software were or are designed specifically for the Kindle. Kindle Writer

Mobipocket Creator, for those who do not know is a good piece of free software written by a French company. The company and therefore the rights to the .mobi format was purchased by Amazon in April 2005. However the current version of Mobipocket Creator is Version 4.2 build 41 and was last updated in August 2008, which means it was built before the launch of Kindle 3. People are having problems because of it's features have not been updated to accommodate the changes of technology in the ebook creation business - as one writer wrote on the Kindle Forum.

I am, perhaps, Mobipocket's greatest fan on this forum... so it is with great reluctance, that I am about to give up on it. It has not been updated since 2008, while software that it must work with has been updated. How could there NOT be compatibility issues? I'm thinking of switching to Calibre... but it is very complex, and has a steep learning curve, so I am not prepared to add it to my tutorials.

To make matters worse for software that have not been written specifically for the Kindle, the new range of Kindle 4s and Fire will be using a new Kindle format called KF8. Neither Calibre or Mobipocket will able to take advantage of the new format. When details of the format is made available in early 2012, Kindle Writer will integrate the new format and purchases of Kindle Writer will automatically receive a free update.

Unlike ebook converters such as Calibre and Mobipocket Kindle Writer uses KindleGen to generate Kindle books. Quoting from Amazonís Guidelines for Publishers:

"Kindlegen is the only tool officially supported by Amazon to convert files to the Kindle format. Only Kindle files created using Kindlegen are guaranteed to be compatible with the current and future Kindle devices & applications.

Files created with 3rd party software may not work properly on current or future Kindle devices & readers."

Note the last sentence, "Files created with 3rd party software may not work properly on current or future Kindle devices & readers." If you use any other program then you may run into problems in the future.

Writing books with Kindle Writer should be your preferred option because any books created by it will be future proof and will be guaranteed to be compatible with the current and future Kindle devices & applications. That is why I have designed it the way I have.

Secondly, Kindle Writer proofs any books created using Amazon's official software products such as Kindle Previewer. So you see what you have written BEFORE loading it up on KDP. This enables you to edit it to perfection. Before this you wrote your book in say Microsoft Word or Acrobat PDF and uploaded it to KDP which would then convert it. Only after publication do you actually see it.

Kindle Writer should be your preferred method for creating books for the Kindle. It is the only softare of its kind, and it is maintained regularly to keep up with the ever changing face of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform. I have designed it to be easy to use as an independent review has noted:

"Kindle Writer is an all in one tool for making basic Kindle ebooks . It can handle all the steps from editing the text file, adding formatting/cover/images, to creating the ebook and uploading it to KDP. As a single compact tool it is rather nice. I can see that this would be a pretty good tool for a beginner ..."

- The Digital Reader (July 23rd, 2011 by Nate Hoffelder)

I invite you to explore this site and find out more about Kindle Writer and other software mentioned. Why not try out Kindle Writer yourself by downloading a free 30 day trial.