How to Proof your book in Kindle Previewer

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To proof your books (to see what it looks like on a Kindle) I recommend using Kindle Previewer from Amazon. It is free and emulates all current Kindle Devices including Kindle Fire. However, when you install it does not associate mobi files to the program but relies on you opening up your Kindle book manually.

Kindle Writer requires Kindle Previewer to be installed so that when you build your book it needs to open up Kindle Previewer automatically. To do this you need to associate a mobi file to the application. This is easy to do and is explained below. I also supply a test mobi file that you can download for that purpose.



Associating a .mobi file with Kindle Previewer

The following procedure is what you need to do to change the default setting for opening up .mobi files (Kindle for PC) to Kindle Previewer.

  • 1. Open up File Manager (Computer) or Windows File Manager.
  • 2. Go to the Kindle Writer PUBLISH directory where you will find your book .mobi files stored.
  • 3. Right click on a file, with the file extension type you want to change, that you want to open.
  • 4. Select Open With - you should see the Kindle for PC (Kindle) icon showing. Leave it!
  • 5. Select "Choose Default Program", which will open up Windows Explorer

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  • 6. Search for where you had installed Kindle Previewer - and Open

Kindle Writer Software

  • 7. Kindle Previewer will be highlighted. Tick on the checkbox "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file
  • 8. Press OK

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  • 9. Your .mobi file that you selected will now load into Kindle Previewer and henceforth Kindle Writer will proof your book in this program.

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