Welcome to the Kindle Writer website. My name is Fred Harding and I am the developer of Kindle Writer, the only software available that has been specifically developed for writing books for the Kindle and publishing them on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing platform).

Kindle Writer is a professional and truly one-stop-shop application for producing books for the Kindle and now in paperback format, through CreateSpace (using Kindle Writer) or the new Kindle Paperback publishing facility now available from Amazon themselves. This means if you write your book as a Kindle Book, Amazon will create a paperback for you. Like CreateSpace, Amazon Kindl Direct Publishing will even provide a free ISBN number for your book. All my books are available now for the Kindle and as paperbacks (using CreateSpace) - all created by Kindle Writer.

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Kindle Writer In February 2017 I had the pleasure of helping an 80-year old man in Spain, a UK expatriate, to realise his dream to leave a legacy to his family. His name is Alan Sinclair and his book title is "No Trees Down Our Street".

The book were his childhood memoirs, including his experience of the Sunderland Blitz in the Second World War and Kindle Writer produced not only a Kindle version of the book but also, through CreateSpace, a paperback version. He was absolutely delighted with Kindle Writer and my support.

Moved to write a testimonial for this website Alan wrote:

"I cannot recommend Kindlewriter2 too highly, - nor Fred Harding, the man who created the program. I hadnít a clue about the intricacies of html, but I neednít have worried as Fred presented it in such a way that it was simply a case of following the toolbar letter codes to set the beginning and ending of paragraphs, page breaks, adding lines, etc and, much to my surprise, this was the part of compiling the book that I enjoyed most."

Alan wrote to me on 30th April 2017 and said, "Latest copies arrived from Createspace. 100 percent perfect! Thank you. Sent some copies to family members..."

Alan's book has had 13 reviews to date (November 2017) and all are The book is available from Amazon in Kindle format or in paperback formats from Amazon Store or from the CreateSpace store .



Kindle Writer has had numerous testimonials from happy authors who have used the program to write their books. Full details can be found on the testimonials page, but here are a few sound bites to give you a flavour of what they wrote.

"This program is amazing!... it takes you through the entire process from beginning to end and the support is fantastic!"
- Joy Farmer The Tree House Club Stories

"KindleWriter 2 is one of the very best preparation tools ...It's got all the most helpful features for anyone who's chosen to self-publish, and more!"
- Beth Porter Feeding the Twins

"I cannot recommend Kindlewriter2 too highly...If you feel youíve got a book in you, then go ahead and buy Kindlwriter2 Ė and enjoy getting that book published."
- Alan Sinclair Not Trees Down Our Steet

"GENIUS! In a word, that's my take on KindleWriter 2. I had previously bought and tried two other programs that said they would make it child's play to create a Kindle book. WRONG! ...Then I discovered KW2 and within the 30-day trial period I was muttering words like BRILLIANT!"
- Michael Knight Ramtha Revealed

"Without Fredís program, his patience, help, and availability through e-mail, I would not have been able to publish an e-book version of my novel."
- Stanley Kajs Tales of Slavonic Souls

"I had given up hope of getting anything out there and published through the usual (costly) channels...Fred truly made my dreams come true and deserves all the positive testimonials he receives. I canít recommend Kindle Writer 2 highly enough, just go for it!"
- Linda Lucas-Kenny Reflections - A Book of Modern Poems

"I highly recommend KindleWriter2. It is a very easy to use program, that takes you step by step through the process of publishing your ebook. From first draft to publication."
- Ian Haldon Viking Moon


How Not to Buy a Cruising Boat If you ever thought you might want to write a book and then turn it into a Kindle book...be prepared for a bit of a nightmare.

When we originally did the book, I uploaded the file to the Kindle converter that Amazon offers and the results were, well - how do I say this diplomatically - less than satisfactory. I was sort of surprised since uploading my previous children's book to Kindle went so well. I contacted a friend of ours who had recently published a novel in the same Kindle platform to ask about his experience. He indicated that he had very little trouble. His book was a straight novel with very little formatting other than chapter titles and paragraphs, but our book was full of tables, lists, graphics, and footnotes, and those were causing a world of formatting issues since Kindle doesn't support tables.

I posted in forums, asking what others were doing and began to experiment with the various programs they suggested. The results went from less than satisfactory to just downright bad. I would get it looking good in one version of Kindle and it would look terrible in another. Frustration ensued, and, all the while, comments were pouring in from our Facebook pages asking when the Kindle version would be available.

One forum member said that he had good luck with a program called KindleWriter2, a program designed to input the code quickly through the use of a toolbar with all of the codes Kindle accepts (and they don't accept very many). I went to the site and saw that they had a 30-day free trial so I downloaded it. In short order I had my text imported and most of the formatting done. There were a few wrinkles, for sure, most of them involving the Table of Contents which becomes linkable in the Kindle, but an email to the author resolved those quickly. It took a week from the day of download to the day of publish...The Kindle version went live this morning and I am one happy camper

SOURCE: Deb Akey and TJ Akey (5th July, 2015)



Provides you with a complete solution for kindle e-books authoring, that handles everything, from the text creation to the cover design

Kindle books have become increasingly common, more so since various online sites have allowed anyone to publish their books. Kindle Writer is an application that supports users in the creation of a Kindle book, from start to finish, including the cover and the actual publishing.

A very clear design that is compartmentalized to provide access to specific areas when they are needed

Creating a book is a serious endeavor that requires a large commitment and an even larger amount of work. When users first open Kindle Writer they are presented with a series of categories that essentially cover the book making process from start to finish. There are areas for the planning part, the actual writing, the artwork and the small descriptions.

Rather than each button opening up a separate area, a more tabbed system might work better, yet given the complexity of some of the individual areas, that would not always be possible. While the interface can be a bit confusing in places, overall, Kindle Writer provides a comprehensive, yet daunting interface.

A wide array of additional features that the application doesn't need to support, but, to its credit, does anyway

The detail in Kindle Writer is impressive with the amount of support it includes. The program provides tools to write directly in the Kindle format, but also includes PDF to Kindle and Word to Kindle converters. The versatility means that users can write in whatever format that suits them, then adapt it to the Kindle format.

Kindle Writer also provides links to publishing group for Kindle books, making it easy for users to sell their book once it's actually finished. The start to finish approach is backed up by several tools to enhance images, design covers, make thumbnails, write blurbs and a background maker. The program is also affordable, presenting a wide array of tools for a reasonable amount.

A useful creation tool that can provide support structure to writers who want to create Kindle books

All in all, Kindle Writer is a useful application, The cover creation tools and all the other support, along with the essentials all stored in one place, make Kindle Writer a worthwhile investment that users will be satisfied with.

SOURCE: Softpedia Review by Arthur Clarkson (3 September 2016)